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What is Workato

Workato, the leader in integration-led automation, offers a low-code/ no-code platform that can integrate your cloud apps, databases, legacy systems, file servers, etc. and automate your workflows end-to-end across your apps, data, and teams.

workato recipe

How it works

Workato uses recipes which are sets of instructions that automate complex workflows. Every recipe can be a REST endpoint that can be called from other recipes or apps.


See how easy  it is to turn your workflows into simple automations.

Why Workato

Workato is one intuitive platform that takes care of all your use-cases, stakeholders, teams, and departments. The platform helps you achieve:


Next-Gen iPaaS

  • Securely connect to cloud, on-prem databases and ERP, legacy applications, and more

  • Effortlessly sync data at any speed - real-time, scheduled, or batch, and any volume from a single transaction to billions of rows

  • Built on cloud platform that auto-scales eliminating the complexities of infrastructure provisioning, capacity planning


Modern RPA

  • Utilize a mix of API-based and UI-based automation ensuring the right tool for the right problem

  • Drastically improve the performance of your automations so that they aren’t constrained by the speed of clicking through screens

  • Create automations which require an estimated 50% less operational resources to support and maintain as compared to typical RPA solutions


Enterprise Automation

  • Go beyond automating single tasks and automate entire business processes

  • Interweave actions taken by your team with automated tasks which are fully automated

  • Enable processes which interact with multiple enterprise applications across any number of business functions


Smart, robust, flexible data pipelines

  • Effortlessly load data by integrating with any source - cloud, on-prem databases, files , ERPs, APIs, data streams

  • Automatically adapt to source schema changes resulting in smarter data pipelines

  • Flexible and customizable pipelines using push down, or built-in transformations


Low code API management

  • Build more, faster by eliminating using the low-code approach that powers the Workato platform

  • Deliver workflow as a service by creating standardized flows and consistent business rules available as reusable services

  • Modernize your existing EDI interfaces and data sharing with suppliers and partners


Work acceleration with Enterprise Chatbots

  • Improve user experience by bringing the tasks and actions required by your team into the tools they already use

  • Interact with employees using natural language commands or by creating forms and buttons all within Slack or Microsoft Teams

  • A drag and drop editor that enables technical and non-technical users to create custom experiences

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