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Our article on using platform events to bypass flow limits as published on Forcetalks

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Flows in Salesforce are great, but there are some limits that can make working with them very frustrating. One of those limitations is the executed elements per-flow which are limited to 2000. The elements are not the actual loop iterations in a flow but the blocks of the flow that are evaluated. If a loop has 4 blocks and runs 10 times, 10*4=40 elements are executed. This makes it very easy to exceed the 2000 elements limit, even when iterating over a few hundred records. Usually, the solution is abandoning the flow and resorting to writing some Apex code instead.

So the question is “How do we get around that without code?”. Or in a more technical sense, “How do we make the flow evaluate less than 2000 elements and evaluate the rest in another flow”.

One way is by using platform events.

Check out our article on Forcetalks to learn more.


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